A Year of The Dragon 2012

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A Year of The Dragon 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today we welcome the Year of the Dragon – the Water Dragon to be exact. There has been a lot of talk lately about the approach of the Dragon, but what’s so special about the Dragon? First off, in Chinese culture the Dragon is an auspicious symbol that possesses potent energy. Americans and Europeans typically view the Dragon as a frightful and evil creature, but in the mythology of China and the Far East, the Dragon is a benevolent protector that is highly revered. It’s also interesting to note that in Chinese astrology, the dragon is the only animal of the zodiac that is not real. It makes sense that the mysterious Dragon would be at the helm of such a highly anticipated and prophesized year.

The last time we had a year of the Dragon was in the year 2000. We brought in the new century with much anticipation and perhaps some anxiety (remember Y2K?). 2012 holds some of the same expectations for us. There is so much that is being said and predicted about 2012 that many of us are apprehensive about setting forth into the year with a positive outlook. Taking into account the climate of the world, it is understandable to feel uneasy about our future, but I believe the Water Dragon will bring us much-needed change filled with new opportunities and a new way of looking at the world. In fact, your current perception of reality might be challenged.

Most of you are aware of the Mayan calendar and how many people are using that to predict “the end of the world.” In fact, other prophecies seem to support this forecast. While never mentioning the specific year of 2012, the Hopi Indians, Edgar Cayce, the Book of Revelation, the I Ching, Nostradamus, and great many others have predicted some sort of enormous change fast approaching.

No doubt, this is a time of renewal in so many ways…and I know a lot of you will certainly embrace a change! It’s time to stop labeling things as “good” or “bad” and just be open to the changes at hand. No matter what you believe, the energy of all these predictions and that of the Dragon are not about material things in life; it is about emotion and spirit. Getting in touch with your inner self and connecting with others. It is about evolving and working towards enlightenment. It’s cleaning up your energy.

Consider the past 12 years of your life. Where were you in the year 2000 and what you were doing with your life? What were your aspirations? What have you accomplished? What did prosperity and happiness mean to you then? Do you see a difference now? Should you? Do you see a pattern of events or behavior in your life? Do the same things keep happening over and over? Did you start things that you never finished?

Notice the trends that have served you and those that have not served you well. Now is the time to build upon the things that bring you joy, while stopping unhealthy patterns. The potent energy of the Dragon gives us the opportunity to make life changes.

Next, it’s time to look at your surroundings. If you want to change what you attract, then it is absolutely necessary to change your environment. If you make the effort to change your habits or patterns and then enhance it with new surroundings, your changes will be profound and lasting. It’s all about the energy that is around you. Your environment needs to support the person you wish to become.
I find it interesting that many people who are so concerned about our global environment, don’t care much for the environment where they live and work. The change you wish to see in the world should start with you. If we all were responsible for our own backyard and village, the world would be a more beautiful place 

If you are single and want to be in a romantic relationship, does your bedroom reflect this desire? Is your bedroom comfortable for one person…what about 2 people? Is your bedroom full of family photos? Stuffed animals from when you were a kid? How do you sleep??If health is your main focus, do you think that your environment reflects that of a healthy person? Is it cluttered? Does your home/office make you feel alive and energized? What does the center of your home look like? Are there broken things in your home/office? Are you holding on to things that should have been discarded a long time ago? Has your home been checked for negative energy lines?Are you children causing you distress? What does their room look like? Which direction does their bed face? What color dominates their room?

By making some simple changes, you can create a new reality. If you work Feng Shui, Feng Shui will work for you!

Each of the Chinese animals belongs to a compass direction, which influences the energy around us. Therefore, when we welcome in a New Year and a new animal, it is necessary to look at our environment and make the proper Feng Shui adjustments to support the changing energy.
Here are my Feng Shui suggestions for the Year of the Dragon:

1. If the front door of your home faces the West or South of your home, do a little dance of gratitude! These are very lucky directions for this year and it will surely bring prosperity and love into your home. No matter what section of your home the West is, make sure the energy is as good as it can be – have it free of clutter, clean, inviting and inspirational.
2. Find the 8 Mountain Star in your home – this is where the greatest “love” energy resides. Now find something that evokes a feeling of sexiness or romance for you…maybe a photograph or painting? Place it in this area with great intent to stimulate romance in your life.
3. Look for a painting or photo that evokes a feeling of happiness and hang it in your living room. Get rid of any images that are disturbing or make you sad. Oh and just because someone is related to you, doesn’t mean you have to keep their picture in your house. If you don’t like the person, get their image and energy out of your space!
4. Repair anything that is broken. Replace any burnt out bulbs, anything that is cracked, any doors that do not open properly and anything that does not work as it was meant to.
5. If you are suffering from “winter blues” install full-spectrum bulbs throughout your home. These bulbs provide a more natural light that’s similar to the sun, which can give you more energy, help you stay focused and dispel feelings of depression.
6. Get the Qi moving in your house! We don’t realize too often that the energy in our home is stagnant, especially during the winter months. Take a few moments to open some windows, turn on that ceiling fan, let the water run in the sink and tub, turn up the volume of some spirited music and light some incense. Invigorate all 5 senses. This all will invite fresh, new flow of vital, Qi energy throughout your home.
7. One Chinese proverb says that for good luck, you should move 27 things around in your home. This is actually an amazing way to stir up the energy in your house and circulate fresh Qi also.
8. Wipe away the past by dusting everywhere – especially those dark corners. Wipe doorknobs and clean of fingerprints, and clean hinges, handles and locks. Give your computer keyboard and screen a thorough cleaning, as well as telephones and fax machines.
9. Make sure that there’s at least a small bit of space between your furniture and the wall, so that energy can flow easily.
10. Clutter saps energy, so spend a few minutes a day clearing the clutter. Don’t forget your office, desk and computer. While no one else may use your computer, having it cluttered with useless and/or negative emails is not good for you.
11. Throw out or file 9 items on your desk that you no longer need.
12. Clean out your wallet. Get rid of expired credit cards, useless business cards and old receipts. Make room for the riches that are about to arrive.
13. Attract good fortune into your home by having a inviting entryway. Hang a welcome sign, clear any clutter, make sure your door is freshly painted and opens easily. If it is difficult to enter your home, it is difficult for Qi to enter also. Clear the way for more opportunities to enter.
14. Locate the positive vortexes in your home and intensify their strength with a quartz crystal.
15. Celebrate! Feng Shui is all about living in harmony and good energy. The best way to bring about positive energy is to celebrate with good friends and family in your home. Fill your bowls with sweet oranges (an Asian tradition to represent a sweet new year) and eat sweets and drink your finest tea or coffee. Be grateful for all that you have.
One more thing you might want to consider, I strongly suggest that everyone should re-check the energy level in their home. While you may have had your home/office dowsed and cured, there are some funky energies that are effecting the grid lines of the earth, creating unexpected shifts. These shifts can be negative in nature and should be neutralized immediately.

Other interesting tidbits for you:
It is also the Chinese year 4710.

2011 was the year of the Rabbit and it was a very challenging year for many born in the year of the Rooster (1933,1945,1957,1969,1981,1993, 2005) and the year of the Rabbit (1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999)…the good news is this will be far better year for you!

This is going to be an especially amazing year for:
-Those born the year of the Rooster (1933,1945,1957,1969,1981,1993, 2005)
-Those born the year of the Monkey (1932, 1944,1956,1968, 1980,1992, 2004)
-Those born the year of the Rat (1936, 1948,1960, 1972,1984, 1996, 2008)
The energy of the Dragon is very auspicious for you! The energy of the Dragon inspires and protects you.

If you are a Rooster, the year of the Dragon will bring the “Flower of Romance” to you, so you can anticipate a sociable year and deeper romantic relationships.

If you were born in the year of the Tiger (1938, 1950, 1962,1974, 1986, 1998, 2010) or the Dog (1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006) expect a lot of traveling.

If you were born in the year of the Dragon (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000) this is considered a “self penalty year” for you, which can bring about some challenges with relationships. When issues come about with another person, you need to look deep within yourself for answers. The issue is most likely something unresolved in you.

The animal sign that clashes with the Dragon is the Dog (1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006). It is suggested that Dogs lay low this year and not make any huge changes.

I hope you all have a healthy, beautiful, prosperous New Year. Remember, when the environment is in harmony, everyone in it experiences a sense of ease. As a result of Feng Shui coupled with Dowsing, people have seen:
• increased activity in their romantic lives…this is my specialty ;)
• positive changes in existing marriages
• better financial opportunities
• improved health
• family friction dissolved
• more restful sleep
• enhanced academic performance in students
• general feeling of renewal

Are you ready for a change in your life?

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