My Story

In 2005, I noticed that my life had fallen apart. It had happened so quickly that I never saw it coming. I soon realized that the crisis I was going through was common among the residents living in my Manhattan building. I had read a few books on Feng Shui and understood the basic concepts, so I knew that it was not a coincidence. The next thing I knew, I had quit my job in finance and was on a plane to Singapore to learn the secrets of ancient Feng Shui from the great Master Raymond Lo. This was the beginning of the rest of my life.

I began studying various schools of Feng Shui and became a consultant with a strong desire to adapting this eastern belief to America. I practiced and studied on anyone and everyone and recorded all my results. While so many things started coming together and making sense, there seemed to be something missing. I soon delved into the practice of energy healing and earth energy. The earth is threaded with energy lines which have a powerful influence on living things. I was taught how to locate this earth energy through the method of to dowsing. I was now able to locate, manipulate and synchronize the flow of energy in spaces. The final piece had been put into place.

Through an enormous amount of trial and error, I created a practice that incorporated the ancient wisdoms of Feng Shui and Dowsing. The improvements I was making on the lives of my clients was extraordinary by creating a highly effective method of harmonizing the homes and offices of the urban dweller.

When your environment is in harmony, there is a sense of ease. As a result of Feng Shui and dowsing, people have seen:

  • their romantic life improved
  • marriages healed
  • sleep improved
  • financial opportunities arise
  • better health
  • family friction dissolved
  • improved children’s performance in school
  • general feeling of renewal