Ali’s no-nonsense approach helped me turn my cluttered New York apartment into a lean, mean chi-channeling machine! Just ask the new man in my life. And did I tell you about my new job? The bottom line: Ali
-Judi, NYC

“I can’t recommend Ali highly enough. Not only did she take a moment out of working her magic to sit on the bed and hear all my woes – then she showed me tweaks (little and big) to implement. I set to work, with relatively low expectations. Imagine my surprise, when a few weeks later, I barely recognized my life. She’s a gem! I’ve since sent her to all my friends…”

When my best friend presented me with a Feng Shui Gift Certificate for my birthday, I rolled my eyes…I never shared my friends’ belief in such “mystical” things. I didn’t want to insult my friend, so I called Alessandra to set up an appointment. I figured I would at least get a good laugh. When Alessandra walked in, she quietly inspected my apartment and told me the problems I was having – she was right. She asked me to make a few, simple changes over the course of 2 months. Each time I followed one of her suggestions, a new opportunity came into my life. By the time I made all her changes on the second month, my life was different. I had a better job (which dropped in my lap), I was sleeping better and my overall health had improved. It’s now been a year since Alessandra’s visit and I recently found a man that I know I will marry. Coincidence? I no longer think so!!
-Jan, Brooklyn

When Ali walked into my apartment six months ago, I was in desperate need of a change in my life. My life was not on the path I wanted and I didn’t know where to start my changes. My sister suggested I start with my apartment, which she felt was an energy sucker. I found Ali through a friend and called her. When Ali arrived, I suddenly found myself crying and telling her all my problems, which I never do! Ali has such a caring, compassionate nature and I immediately felt comfortable with her. She explained that there were many things to do in my apartment, but she didn’t want to overwhelm me, so she gave me just a few changes make. I begged her to tell me everything and she said, “I could sit with you for hours and charge you a lot of money, but you don’t need that. This is what you need right now. Call me when you’re done.” She was right. The changes in my life have been profound. I email Ali at least three times a month to tell her of the happenings in my life and she always offers a very unique perspective and gives me more advice. I feel very grateful to have found such an amazing person who provides such positive energy in my life without fear of judgement.

Ali, I just got engaged!!! You know that it’s all because of you…THANK YOU!!! Will you Feng Shui the house we’re buying???
JG, Forest Hills

When Ali walked into my house with those dowsing rods and they starting swinging, I must say that I was more than a little freaked out. She kept placing these copper rods all over my house. As she put each one down, I felt a little different. Not exactly sure what I’m talking about, but I did feel something! I am still not sure what she did, but I can tell you that for the first time since I met my husband 8 years ago, he is sleeping through the night and our relationship has gone from near divorce to falling in love again. Thank you!
BST, Brooklyn

Every single time my mother came to visit me, she would shake her head, critisize my life and leave within an hour. Since Ali dowsed my apartment four months ago, my mother doesn’t say anything negative to me and she doesn’t want to leave! Maybe I should get rid of some of the rods? ;-)

All I want to say is that after you dowsed, I got the first job of my new career, my husband got a promotion and somehow my kids seem to be calmer now. Not sure what you did, but I am very grateful!!!
SN, Brooklyn

I had been trying to get pregnant for years. The doctors saw no logical reason why I wasn’t getting pregnant. A friend suggested I check the energy of my home, so that’s when I found Ali. It turns out that there was negative energy in my bedroom and Ali “fixed” it. Honestly, when she was in my house, I wasn’t sure I believed what she was saying, but a month later when the pregnancy test showed positive, I can tell you that I am a believer.
SW, Manhattan